Thanks, Republicans

And thanks to you also, Governor McDonnell, for your leadership on this. Thank you for amending the Ultrasound Rape bill to be merely an Ultrasound Battery bill. And then passing it.

This action unequivocally proves that the purpose of this bill has nothing to do with ensuring that a woman sees an ultrasound image of the embryo she has decided to abort, since in almost all cases, an external ultrasound won’t produce anything to see. No, this is just about throwing up any old pesky obstacle in her way and making it more inconvenient and expensive to exercise her legal, constitutional right to obtain an abortion. Thanks again for making that so clear. It’s way more convincing than us saying it.

5 thoughts on “Thanks, Republicans

  1. Barbara Munsey

    Liz, you’re correct that they only have to be registered voters in the jurisdiction that elected the person in question. They do not have to have voted in the specific election.

    elderberry is correct too–it only works if they’ve been convicted of something on a short list of serious offenses.

  2. liz

    A recall petition requires signatures of registered voters equal to ten percent of the people who voted in the election that put the person in office (the signatures don’t have to be those of the actual voters from that election).

    Then a judge holds a trial.

  3. Elder Berry

    Ann I don’t think VA has recall for anything except conviction on a felony or a drug offense.

  4. Ann

    How many signatures does a recall petition require?

    This is about controlling women. Period. It is not about saving embryos — as the happy drains of invitro clinics “know.”

  5. liz

    Yes. Also, looks like it’s time to primary Democratic Senators Colgan and Puckett. And that Republican Senator Watkins should get some Dem support.

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