Delgaudio demands that men use the women’s restroom

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Joe My God shares with us yet another dumb fundraising letter, this one yammering on about people going to the bathroom (what is it with this guy and bodily functions?) His panties are in a bunch this time because trans women use the (duh) women’s room. What else would they use?

I guess it’s time for another lesson on reality-based world, since it doesn’t seem to have gotten through the last dozen or so times. The target of Mr. Delgaudio’s diatribe is not open to creative interpretation. That target is a specific woman who was (presumably) assigned male at birth. I suppose that I need to spell it out, again. Mr. Delgaudio is demanding that everyone use the restroom that corresponds to the gender they were assigned at birth, including when that assignment was made in error.

I know that Mr. Delgaudio has a wife, and I know that he has daughters. Would his wife and daughters feel comfortable using the same restroom as this guy? Perhaps he should ask them. How about any of these guys, below? I’m sure they’re all lovely people and would in no way pose any harm to Mr. Delgaudio’s wife or daughters, but the question, as he has posed it, is the presence of men in the women’s restroom.

So, this is what Mr. Delgaudio wants: For these and other men to use the women’s restroom alongside our mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters and other women in our lives.

I really don’t know how to be more clear about this. Anyone who knowingly supports or defends this waste of skin has a heavy burden of guilt to carry.

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