Nervous Nellie

Eugene Delgaudio, B.J. Bluth, ?? and Rose Ellen Ray campaigning for pollution in 2011

That’s how Eugene Delgaudio sounded in a July 12 WJLA interview. Reporter Ben Eisler asked how Delgaudio’s “group” got its hands on a New Jersey engagement photo that he used in an anti-gay Colorado campaign mailer:

Delgaudio: “Other people take copies of our photographs since we’re non-profit and they do share them around and that’s how things get around.”

Eisler: “Does it concern you at all?”

Delgaudio: “The fact that I have to look into it is not a problem.”

Eisler: “Does it concern you at all that this was found in your literature?”

Delgaudio: I’M LOOKING INTO IT!”

Delgaudio was literally yelling at Ben. He was very perturbed. Usually he reserves the ALL CAPS for his anti-gay rants, and rarely talks about himself except as a phony victim of a phony “attack” by some “other.”

He’s seemed nervous for a while now. At the May public hearing, Lydia from the NoVA Atheists confronted him about the recent SPLC designation of his “Public Advocate” as a hate group. He squirmed and inappropriately mouthed responses. His behavior was out of sorts, unlike his usual confident disdain. After the hearing, I asked if everything was okay with him, and he responded “life is good.” The nervous Nellie then nervously dismissed me. He was really nervous.

I think I can understand why. Delgaudio has been given relative freedom to hang himself for years and he’s leveraged that freedom to maintain a relatively generous salary of $172K/year. While that’s very bad for the donors, it’s very good for him; see Waking Up Now for an eye-opening tour of this “non-profit”‘s cash flow. He is Public Advocate. Well, there is one other employee, but when Delgaudio yells “I’M LOOKING INTO IT!”, he’s really saying, “I know exactly how it happened because I’m personally responsible for everything Public Advocate does.

That may be what’s making him nervous. Public Advocate is essentially a one man shop. Its business model is simply to prey on ignorant donors with an email and online advertising campaign designed to transfer funds from donors to Eugene and his paid defenders like Jim Huber. He doesn’t like it when his cash cow is threatened, and that is exactly what’s happening.

Between last year’s “Blood Door” mailer, the SPLC hate group designation, and now this allegation of copyright infringement and a potential lawsuit, and media attention on all three, it’s now impossible for Eugene’s colleagues and donors to pretend they don’t see the nature of his activity. And despite long-standing denials that his “professional” job is separate from his Supervisor job, the fundraising skills and model are transferrable. Eugene has consistently out-raised other supervisors, and there must be a reason for that. Maybe he really does deliver to campaign donors. Maybe he steals public resources and hands them to donors. But maybe those donors are getting nervous about his anti-gay histrionics; they don’t like the scrutiny and feel the need to distance themselves. Maybe there have been too many lies, too many takings, too much corruption, and somebody needs to take the fall. What fall guy wouldn’t be nervous?

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  4. Epluribusunum

    This is an intriguing comment from that post; no way of knowing its authenticity, but it sure resonates with what we know about Eugene and his equally messed up brother Richard:

    I’m so ashamed I know that guy (and several of his siblings, and his late mother)…

    Let me tell you all something about Eugene Delgaudio.

    Eugene Delgaudio is the type of guy who disowned his entire family because his mother (who was an AWESOME lady, btw) had the audacity to divorce his abusive, violent, addict of a father. Yes, to Eugene Delgaudio, it didn’t matter that the old man beat the living crap out of her every day, she was the horrible sinner for getting the hell out of that situation, and his brothers and sisters for supporting her in her escape.

    THAT is the kind of man Eugene Delgaudio is.

    Oh, and he was picked on mercilessly as a child for having “gay” mannerisms, which he still does. Is he a closet case? That I don’t know, but it’s not a coincidence “the gay agenda” (ooooooooo!) is his pet issue.

    Posted by: J | Jul 19, 2012 1:52:26 PM

    What he’s nervous about, I think, is not the ongoing fraud that is Public Advocate. Of course he has to keep going, it’s what he does. What makes him nervous is that it’s getting increasingly difficult for his apologists to pretend that there’s a separation between Public Advocate and his activities as a supervisor. Too much evidence has piled up, and there’s more that hasn’t come out publicly yet. The time is coming when the cost of pretending not to see in exchange for goodies for the donors will become too high, and he will be thrown under the bus. He knows it. No doubt there’s much more we don’t know about yet, but will in time. Believe me, he has things to hide, and he’s worried.

  5. liz

    Eugene may or may not have a mental illness, we can not tell from where we are standing. One thing I will say is that bigots are not all mentally ill, and it’s for certain that not all mentally ill people are bigots.

    It is also certain that Eugene’s policies hurt people with mental illness (see: cuts to drug court and to the Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Development Services).

  6. Elder Berry

    And maybe he’s just getting less able to keep his “disturbances” from showing. It’s taking more and more work on his part to stay out at the head of the pack of crazies.

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