“I’m going to start killing people.”

Meet James Yeager. Mr. Yeager is the CEO of something called Tactical Response, a Tennessee company that specializes in firearms and tactical training. He is also Exhibit A to educate those unable to conceive of why it might make folks feel unsafe to come across a guy packing a Glock hanging around a store exit (which, let’s face it, is really not normal behavior to begin with). It’s because of guys like this. If you happen to be a decent, responsible gun owner with a similar style or superficial resemblance to this fellow, and you’re being unfairly tarred by this sort of behavior, I’m sorry. It’s not fair. But this is why.

Question: Would Wayne LaPierre, or any of those who feel that he represents them, consider this man to be mentally ill? If so, what would be the appropriate response?

2 thoughts on ““I’m going to start killing people.”

  1. Epluribusunum Post author

    Now the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has suspended his handgun carrying permit (although not his license to own – and sell! – firearms in general?). This was in the original article on the local news site:

    Yeager’s biography stated that he worked as a police officer for the Sandy Police Department as well as the Benton County Sheriff’s Office before starting his company. His certifications list him as a qualified instructor in dozens of firearms and weapons training classes, including being a Department of Safety Certified Firearms Instructor.

    This guy, on paper, looks like the poster child for qualified, experienced, “good guy” gun ownership, just the kind of guy LaPierre wants to put in every school across the nation. Those assumptions mean nothing, as I said. Nobody ever thinks they’re a bad guy with a gun.

  2. Greta

    The linked article says he took down the original video and put one back with the “I’m going to start killing people” line edited out. That shows he has an awareness of right and wrong, so he wouldn’t be judged legally insane (if he started killing people). He knows what he’s doing. If threatening to kill people isn’t a clue that this is a dangerous person or person with a mental illness,what is it? I would love to have LaPierre answer the question in this post, but anyone who agrees with him can answer it (please!). If you think somebody who threatens to kill people is somebody who should be able to own guns, who is there that you think shouldn’t own guns? Who do you think is “mentally ill” and how would you predict whether they will be dangerous?

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