WTOP Regurgitates Delgaudio Press Release

Eugene Delgaudio, his ex-county-paid aide and "the Walrus" defend the BSA

WTOP’s Hank Silverberg wrote a lazy incompetent report, Censured Delgaudio Bites Back in Loudoun County that reads like a Delgaudio Press release. Silverberg describes Public Advocate as a “right-leaning group” and then quotes Eugene.

“So, when you go to people and say, ‘he’s president of Public Advocate, a nonprofit that defends the Boy Scouts of America and defends traditional marriage’ – string me up?”

In Delgaudioland, defending the Boy Scouts means driving down to the Capital with a bunch of YAF protoges, putting a bag over your county-paid aide’s head, insulting Ernst & Young’s CEO, and spreading the lie that gay men are pedophiles. In other photos from the above YAF Public Advocate protest, the actors present a check to the Jerry Sandusky Defense fund.

Public Advocate only “defends” Eugene’s wallet. Hank Silverberg needs to turn in his “journalism” license.

3 thoughts on “WTOP Regurgitates Delgaudio Press Release

  1. Epluribusunum

    There’s evidence of these county paid employees in the material the Grand Jury saw and in other documents we’ve obtained through FOIA, and evidence that they were engaged in things other than county business. But this – nobody knew about them, nobody has seen them – indicates that they never visited the 5th floor at all, and were perhaps entirely (and secretly) assigned to Public Advocate or campaign projects at taxpayers’ expense. Obviously we can’t take Mr. Delgaudio’s word for it.

  2. Ross Patterson

    Epluribusunum – I can’t find that quote anywhere else, or anything vaguely like it. So, yeah, “What?!?” Just another reason Sterling deserves better than the clown.

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