Survey Says: We’re Winning and Dave LaRock Is Still Anti-Gay

I received Dave LaRock’s latest campaign mailer today. He’s the Christian Nationalist who, with the help of Eugene Delgaudio and the anti-metro campaign, was able to mobilize Loudoun’s anti-establishment Republicans to defeat Joe May in the VA 33rd House District Republican primary. The mailer contains five issue points. The final point reads:

“Conservative Values: Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment, Dave will be a rock-solid leader in standing up for our families, communities and conservative principles.”

Hey, but wait, what about being pro-one-man-one-woman-biblical-marriage? We know from Dave’s history, that he and his 1789 Project are virulently anti-gay, gag me. So, where’s the wedding cake? It’s missing, hopefully forever, because it is no longer fashionable to be anti-gay.

My, how things change, rapidly. We must be winning and Mr. LaRock must be scared. But don’t be fooled. His anti-gay arsenal is locked and loaded.

1 thought on “Survey Says: We’re Winning and Dave LaRock Is Still Anti-Gay

  1. Elder Berry

    Wait, you didn’t think he was standing up for your family, did you?

    That “our” has some invisible asterisks around it.

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