Photo of the day

Gary DeMar's "Pink Hitler"

The photo above appeared in a Gary DeMar “Godfather Politics” article titled  “Gestapo-Like Initiative Becomes Law in San Antonio.” DeMar was responding to San Antonio’s anti-discrimination ordinance, that, by the way, protects Christians. I “found” Godfather Politics because they praised Congressman Wolf (who just endorsed Dave LaRock) for his endorsement of labeling every single citizen of Saudi Arabia a potential terrorist. The commentors over at Godfather Politics would be right at home here.

Shane: Business owners should be free to not serve any customer for any reason, unless they do a lot of business with the state or federal government.
Nonya: If you do business with the public, there are standards that must be met. You serve the public. That means everyone.
Jeanne: You are way off base, we are talking about preserving our Christian values.
A day earlier, GP’s Dave Jolly wrote:
Christian persecution is escalating in America and it’s being conducted by local, state and federal governments. The latest example of Christian persecution can be found in the recent actions taken by the San Antonio City Council.
At the current rate of affairs, Christianity will be outlawed as a terrorist organization. We will be stripped of all rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you have been following what has been happening to Christians in Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, and China, to name but a few, you may be witnessing our future here in America.

"Christians" new potential terrorists

These paranoid victims would be right at home here in Loudoun. In a sad note, we see that politicians like Ted Cruz who hold these views don’t do very well in the private sector. But their political careers are secure. There is never a need to apologize. Victims win elections.