Stephen Baskerville’s Lesson for Victimized Men, Heterosexuals and Unborns

Today, Friday the Thirteenth, is a special education day at Patrick Henry College. Dr. Stephen Baskerville will lead the “Faith & Reason Lecture Addresses Sexual Revolution’s Impact on Politics.” Students will hear a lesson at 0930, followed by two study groups and then a panel discussion. The public is not invited, however the lecture will be live streamed. Here’s the description of the topic.

Ideology is a defining feature of modernity. Despite the demise of totalitarian regimes in Europe, and proclamations of the “end of ideology” by some scholars, radical political ideologies continue and take new form. Today’s most threatening ideology is that involving issues of the family, children, and sexuality. Flashpoints like abortion and same-sex marriage are only the most salient manifestations of a new sexual radicalism. Though it begins with sexual immorality, it is now much more, and politically it involves the loss of freedom through repressive government measures. Many of the most destructive features are not on the radar screen of the media, academics, or even conservative Christians, but authoritarian measures are already being taken against the unborn, heterosexuals, religious believers, and men. Sexual militants are on a direct collision course with the Christian faith. Radical Islamism exists in a complex relationship with both sexual radicalism and Christianity. These trends also vindicate Christian morality and Christian faith. Christians should not despair but see this as a validation of their faith, and understanding this trend properly can show concrete steps to withstand this threat.

WorldNutDaily (no connection to the PHC administration) also has an article, “Sex Activists’ Weapon: Perversion and Politics.

If you are a victimized man, heterosexual, religious believer or an unborn, don’t fret. There are “concrete steps to withstand this threat“. Watch the live stream and let us know what you think. Pay particular attention to the link between “Radical Islamism” and “sexual radicalism.” I’ve always wondered how that worked.

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