“Lazarus Play” to Close Delgaudio Loophole?

Following what Del. Randy Minchew (R-10) describes as a “Lazarus Play,” a bill intended to hold elected officials to tighter ethical controls is headed for a committee vote Friday morning. – Leesburg Today

I wonder if Dems who blog up here all the time and complain will give Delegate Minchew some credit for keeping the bill alive — and for our Loudoun Board for supporting it too. There were positive comments about the bill at last night’s Board of Supervisors meeting – The Naked Truth

Credit where credit is due. Del. Minchew’s bill to close the Delgaudio Loophole in state law that allows elected officials to abuse public resources just because they’re “part-time” in the eyes of the law is back for a vote in the House of Delegates. This is a good thing, and credit to the Delegates who helped make this happen, including Del. Minchew.

That being said, it is well worth observing two disturbing implications of this “Lazarus Play.”

UPDATE – Apparently it is okay to use similar procedural tactics to resurrect bills that benefit fossil fuel industries, too.

I’m glad to see the House of Delegates considering doing the right thing to close the Delgaudio Loophole. (It hasn’t yet done the right thing, it is worth noting.) I’m a bit disturbed they had to be cajoled by the sunlight of transparency to do so.

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