Pasty and white

Frank Wolf, Andrew Nicholson, and Barbara Comstock.

Frank Wolf, Andrew Nicholson, and Barbara Comstock.

Andrew Nicholson, Chair of the Clarke County GOP, recently wrote a letter to the Leesburg Today. Sue Liggett, Chair of the Clarke County Democratic Committee, noticed something. She responded:

Dear Editor: I recently read a curious letter to Leesburg Today from an Andrew Nicholson of Berryville, promoting Republican candidates for Congress. To the casual observer, the letter would appear to be written by an unaffiliated member of the public. It wasn’t.

Andrew Nicholson is the chairman of the Clarke County Republican Party, a position that would typically be disclosed in a letter to the editor.

Is it possible that Norm Styer, editor of the Leesburg Today, or members of his staff haven’t run into Nicholson, or heard his name? An editor covering 10th CD politics ought to know who the players are and provide the necessary attribution. But beyond that, why did Nicholson himself fail to disclose his important political position? Obviously, Nicholson wanted to appear to be “an unaffiliated member of the public” rather than what he is, a political party leader. And it’s understandable that he wanted to be deceptive, given his use of language like this [emphasis mine]:

In the 11th Congressional District the Democrats have a pasty 64-year-old Gerry Connolly running unopposed, again. Even in our own 10th Congressional District John Foust, age 63 (another old white guy), is the Democrat designee who ran unopposed for his coronation.

It must have been important to Nicholson to introduce the words “pasty” and “white” into his party’s campaigns. What do you suppose he was trying to accomplish?

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  1. Epluribusunum

    Oh, hi Chris. Welcome. How refreshing – you understand that not every person who opposes or criticizes Mr. Delgaudio, for any reason, is interchangeable. Not everyone commenting at L2D seems to be smart enough to figure that out!

  2. Pariahdog Post author

    Hi Chris,

    I agree with you about the mobile phones. I remember going to a movie on a Saturday night a few years back. After the movie we went to the pizza place and there were all these high school kids on dates, and none of them were talking to each other. They each had their heads buried in their phones. Here’s my rant. We’ve been turned into consumers. Consumers of junk food, consumers of convenience, consumers of pre-packaged entertainment. We’ve been totally disconnected from face to face contact with other people and with soil to earth contact with our bare feet and senses. The mobile phone is a manifestation of that. And now they are selling watches that monitor body function and communicate with the phone. When I was younger, I ran cross country. You run as fast as you can, for the distance, and feel what your body can do. You don’t need a fricking heart monitor to figure out what your body can and can’t do. It’s soooo intrusive.

  3. Chris Manthos


    Thank you for the info. I’ll contact them. I’m not a selfie kind of guy. I believe i phones, androids, whatnot are evil. They’re turning us all into zombies. Go anywhere these days, and everyone is looking at their phone.
    Swim lessons; parents aren’t watching their kids, their eyes are locked on their phone. Go to the store, people are talking on the phone the entire time. Go to a school program, everyone is doing something with their phone. And the worst, people talking on their phones in restaurants. I despise those jackwagons.
    Sorry for the rant…
    Anyway, I just want to hang it in my bar. Simple as that.
    Thank you again.


  4. Pariahdog Post author


    Contact Sterling Deserves Better.

    Btw, your comment reminded me of a Frank Wolf story. Our friend’s kid’s class visited Wolf’s Herndon office and Wolf railed against the Chinese. He said “…and they’re buying up all of our oil.” One of the classmates asked, “Congressman, if the Chinese buy it, doesn’t it belong to them?”

    Wolf was stumped.

    Same goes for the bumper sticker. If you buy it, or Sterling Deserves Better sends it to you free of charge, it’s yours. You own it and you can do whatever you want with it. Take a selfie and send it to us. Maybe we’ll publish it.

  5. Chris Manthos

    So this is your site? Cool. I’ll have to hit it a couple of times a week.
    I’m looking for a “Remove Delgaudio” bumper sticker. For real. No scam — No using it as some sort of snot rag, or whatever. I want it for my bar. The guy isn’t my super. It’s for my private display, in my private bar.
    Send me an addy, and I’ll send a SAE with postage, plus a five spot to cover your cost. I’m a man of my word, and you know it’s true.


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  7. Epluribusunum

    What to do, what to do about that pesky “‘war on women’ narrative?” Well, we have Nicholson’s spirited (if deceptive) stab at it, and then we have this. It’s all about the messaging:

    “Females will respond better if you can get a connection with a relationship,” Black said…

    “Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level,” Ellmers said. “Many of my male colleagues, when they go to the House floor, you know, they’ve got some pie chart or graph behind them and they’re talking about trillions of dollars and how, you know, the debt is awful and, you know, we all agree with that.”

    …We need our male colleagues to understand that if you can bring it down to a woman’s level and what everything that she is balancing in her life — that’s the way to go,” Ellmers said.

    So there’s your assignment, dudebros. Bring your discussion of transvaginal ultrasounds, etc. “down to a woman’s level,” and everything will be fine!

  8. Epluribusunum

    They are so cute when they try to be inclusive.

    I have to find the artfully arranged photo from Lovettsville’s Mayfest in which Barbara Comstock staged the appearance of “cultural diversity” around her by placing Ranjani Johnson in a sari in the shot. It’s priceless. Naive viewers wouldn’t know that Ranjani actually represents the radical Christianist (that’s the political ideology, not the faith, for those unfamiliar with the term; it’s the analogue of Islamist) movement in our community. Back in 2006 she was ordered by election officials to leave a local precinct because she was having her small children run up to voters and say “Vote for Jesus!” There has been other contact of a personal nature that I won’t share here, but let’s just say that the photo in question made me laugh out loud.

    The introduction of “pasty white” into the discourse is at least a very welcome sign of recognition that there is a problem here.

  9. Pariahdog Post author

    For some odd reason, I see “pasty white” and think Edelweiss. I’m wondering if we have any song writing readers who can repurpose the Sound of Music song “Edelweiss” into the “Pasty white” Republican anthem.

    Edelweiss, Edelweiss
    Every morning you greet me
    Small and white,
    clean and bright
    You look happy to meet me.
    Blossom of snow
    may you bloom and grow,
    Bloom and grow forever.
    Edelweiss, Edelweiss
    Bless my homeland forever.

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