Political brawling in Loudoun

boxingBrawlFighters like politicians don’t always know when to step down.

Loudoun County Board Chairman Scott York is that kind of fighter who doesn’t know when to quit.

On about January 8, 2015, Scott said he’d put a lot of thought into whether he’d quit and decided his future “just didn’t include being Chairman for another four years.”

If Ali, a three time heavyweight champ, had listened to Doc Ferdie Pacheco, he might have gone out like undefeated heavy weight champ Rocky Marciano, physically intact, laurels strewn in his wake, without the humiliation of a drubbing by Leon Spinks and Larry Holmes.

York badly wanted those laurels from the Chamber of Commerce and he told them, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, not to worry, he really wasn’t going to go for a fifth round to get elected.

The Chamber conferred on pug Scott York his desired “laurels,” and, no sooner did they rest upon his hallowed crown, did he throw a sharp left jab at his own integrity, and jump into the political ring, seeking re-election.

“Slippery” Scott is like a small club fighter who slips punches, shifts his stance to suit election year allies, tracks backward in the ring, the “Slippery” Scott shuffle, and, between rounds, his corner men treat his cuts, an expanding contributing entourage of developers, according to VPAP, including real estate developers, general contractors, highway contractors, building trades, excavation contractors, so they can have their hoped-for fifth round, more pay days by our County, for even more development.

Scott doesn’t, however, appreciate that he has a glass flaw, other than wanting to make more, wider, larger roads to favor his underwriters at the cost of making the County denser and less pastoral.

Scott has grown desperate like the pug who rubs his laces in an opponent’s eyes in the clinches.

Scott also can’t pick talent very well. “Slippery” Scott chose a protégé, his golden boy, Broad Run Supervisor “Shifty” Shawn Williams (R), somewhat of an amateur pugilist himself.

“Shifty” Shawn, however, took a dive in the early qualifying rounds of the Republican primary, because Shawn’s past undisclosed bout was pounding his girlfriend.

“Slippery” Scott said he’d go for his fifth round re-election – to do otherwise, he said, would be “irresponsible.”

“Slippery” Scott tried to salvage “Shifty” Shawn’s bruised reputation by making him his campaign Treasurer.

Soon afterewards, “Shifty” Shawn updated his mug shot because of another alleged assault.

“Slippery” Scott swiftly back pedaled away from “Shifty” Shawn.

Boxing may be called “the sweet science.” But what passes for politics at the Board level is more bitter than sweet.

Our County’s ethical standards are exactly like Ali’s unseen knockout punch of Sonny Liston.

We have no ref or rules to direct “Slippery” Scott to a neutral corner when he chooses to finance his re-election campaign fight at taxpayers’ expense.

“Slippery” Scott voted to spend $60,000 for the “design, printing and postage [of] an informational publication regarding transportation and transit projects; and direct staff to secure a contractor to produce the publication as soon as possible.”

“Slippery” Scott wants this “informational” flyer to hit the Loudoun households “as soon as possible” before the November election.

This “informational” flyer says about the same thing as “Slippery” Scott’s own campaign mailer, so he gets double the upper cut campaign punch for 31 “transportation projects.”

On September 10, 2015, “Slippery” Scott announced, “Sent out in the mail today! Listing all 31 transportation improvement projects for 2015/16 …”- and his campaign flyer mirrors the language and intent of the Board’s resolution for an “informational publication.” See the flyer at  http://www.chairmanyork.com/brochure.html.

Like any fighter or politician past his time who won’t retire, it’s time to knock “Slippery” Scott out of office.

3 thoughts on “Political brawling in Loudoun

  1. Epluribusunum

    Mr. Allman (whoever you are):

    If you have something substantive and on topic to say, and can manage to say it without churlish name-calling, please do so. I am only leaving this comment up as an example of your doing neither. This is your only warning.

  2. Brian Allman

    Yeah, do exactly what big mouth democrat Flannery wants and don’t vote for Mr. York…..just vote for democratic Sterling nominee Saines for supervisor and just over look his arrests and convictions. Hell, Saines will be able to tell the Sheriff how to upgrade the jail from his personal experiences!

    Flannery, Roeder, Saines, Suzdak are clear examples of what is wrong with the Loudoun County Democratic Committee which only has 200 members, 35 active ones and $19,000.00 in the bank. Be a good and loyal democrat and disgard everything that comes out of the left wingers of the LCDC who contines to support Saines. The LCDC cearly do not speak for Loudoun County Democrats!

  3. Pariahdog

    The taxpayer financed campaign mailer contains a list of transportation “projects.” In the real world, where architects, planners and engineers build things to make life better, these projects are also referred to as “gaps.” Each project is a traffic bottleneck, a reward to a developer, and endless hours of wasted citizen time stuck in traffic. These gaps were certainly identified when the developments were built. Scott York, the BoS and the developers knew. They didn’t care. And now they, together, are basing their political fortunes on a list of defects? They must truly think the citizens are stupid.

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