Underground economy

Nuclear Bunker Queen-size Bed – courtesy – Atlas Survival Shelters

Nuclear Bunker Queen-size Bed – courtesy – Atlas Survival Shelters

Not since the ‘50s have citizens hunkered after an underground nuclear bunker something like the shelters that the feds have established to protect the governing elite in the event of a nuclear attack.

We have several government shelters nearby – and they are so open a secret that is hardly reassuring for the community’s safety and security.

It’s hard to say, however, who among our neighbors may have a life-saving “private” bunker already.

Atlas Survival Shelters estimates that “[t]here are over 100,000 [nuclear] round corrugated pipe shelters in America” that they have installed.

It’s hard to say who has a shelter because the shelter owners don’t want anyone else to know that they have a shelter – and some citizens make it harder to know by avoiding any building permit.

There is a grave despair that a nuclear attack will occur, and a need to hide, arising even before the traded tirades between our Chief Executive, Mr. Donald Trump, and the Korean President Kim Jong-Un; Mr. Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea,” and President Jong-un answered he might just set off a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific.

Many discount these expressions as impulsive.

Others across the nation who hid under their wooden school desks in the 50s now seek to hide from any nuclear attack in air-conditioned radiation proof bunkers underground.
Terra Vivos advertises its shelters, promising, you can “[s] urvive the end of the world in this bomb shelter for just $5,000 down.”

Of course, the righteous fear is that, only if you are an elite in the government, or rich enough, can you save yourself.

In the government’s COG plan – its plan for the continuity of government – Mr. Trump will retreat to the underground PEOC under the White House grounds.
Others of the government elite may be whisked away to the old Greenbrier bunker, or to Raven Rock (code name – “Site R”), to Mount Weather (code name – “High Point”)(put to use during the 9-11 attack), to the underground command center at the Pentagon, to the Olney Federal Support Center (claimed to be a data networking facility), and perhaps the nearby Short Hill Mountain facility (claimed to have varying and contradictory purposes atop the mountain).

Garret Graff recently released a book titled, “Raven Rock, the U.S. Government Secret Plan to save itself while the rest of us die.”

But, even those in the government who may risk less, protected in a shelter, will have to leave their families behind; no room, Mr. Graff says.

Among the private citizens who have bunker envy, there is an array of alternatives from a tiny retreat space to more expansive underground accommodations.

Atlas insists its bunkers are constructed of round corrugated pipe, successfully tested against the effect of a nuclear bomb in 1959 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


The biggest difference, of course, is that the new shelters have modern interiors, NBC air filtration systems, Co2 scrubbers, generators, and high-tech electronics.

Atlas says, “We realize that your shelter is more private than a bank account therefore we are very discreet and do everything we can to keep your shelter absolutely private. We do not keep accurate records on any of our customer locations and only accept wire transfers for payment.”
Shutting off the internal ventilation from the contaminated air outside is the only way to ensure the filtration system does not become concentrated with nuclear particles.

With the outside air isolated, it is critical to remove carbon dioxide exhaled by the people inside the shelter as well as provide a source of oxygen.

Terra Vivos says its Barstow bunker can withstand a 50-megaton blast 10 miles away, also resist 450 mph winds, a magnitude-10 earthquake, 10 days of 1,250°F surface fires, and three weeks beneath any flood, and an air-filtration system that would neutralize any biological, chemical or nuclear attacks.

The units are characterized by Terra Vivos as “compact but luxurious.”

So the question, do you have yours yet?

Better yet, can we keep the nuclear genie in the bottle and not need any shelters?