The Insights of Senator Tim Kaine

Virginia’s US Senator Tim Kaine visited the rural lands in Loudoun County, and came by Leesburg in the early evening, to endorse local Loudoun candidates, and, among his observations, gave us a report on the ongoing impeachment inquiry from inside the belly of the beast.

No surprise, he said, telling those gathered to listen, and you may not be surprised to discover that the Senators don’t care very much for Mr. Trump.

But it is inconvenient to Republicans to risk Trump’s base, weighing that against the facts as they continue to develop. This is a challenge to any Senate Trial.

Tim said we have to do the right thing, because no one is above the law, because the constitution sets forth what we are to do, what we must do to meet our obligations under the law and constitution.

Tim said no one can imagine that after the Mueller Report, that Trump would not think, that was a close call, and proceed more carefully. But he’s done nothing of the sort.

Instead, Trump doubled down, and has committed in plain view, precisely what he was suspected of doing in 2016, but this time, in 2019, he is seeking the favor himself, leaning into the task himself, admitting to its commission, as is Rudy, as his agent of “change,” pushing for the help of a foreign government to discredit a leading presidential opponent, Joe Biden, while holding back the funds that Ukraine needs to protect itself from Russian aggression, until Trump gets what he wants. (The Senate, however, finally forced the release of the funds, albeit weeks later, that Trump withheld.)

Tim anticipates the House will finish impeachment, at the outside, by the end of the year, with articles, and a vote, and have the Senate trial, no matter the predicted outcome, because that’s what the constitution requires.

Just as peoples’ heads turned at the dramatic change, that congress decided to go forward full bore on an impeachment inquiry, we shall have to continue in suspense what may happen in the Senate at its trial.

Tim compared our role to that of Job in the Old Testament, to take on a duty the way Job did, and to keep focused on our duty as central to our conduct, no matter the troubles that may need to be endured, keeping in mind that Job’s trials were enormous, and Job kept his character in check and in focus, no matter what others said about him, no matter how they judged him adversely from the troubles he suffered.

For his steadfast conduct, in the end, Job was rewarded for his right thinking and right conduct.

Tim is of the view that we may do no less.

This is the character of our Senator.

The nation should be grateful to have such a worthy public servant.

This is what it will take to preserve and protect our Republic.