The Political Horror

As low a creature as we have known and suspected Trump and his corrupt allies to be, the daily revelations show him to be so much worse, so devoted as he is to unrelenting brutish abuses of power almost unimaginable and historically unprecedented in breadth and degree in the American experience.

If it’s possible to make it worse, it is compounded by a never ending stream of false denials and slanderous blame shifting, and threats of false arrest and civil violence.

The contrast of a man once a lawman and a hero mayor making a fool of himself in this theater of the absurd underscores the separation Trump and this mouthpiece Giuliani seek to achieve – to disrupt the public dialogue based on facts and reason and replace it with dark fantasies of a deep state and false righteous “heroic” exertions for we the people when what they are doing is nothing of the sort, only the big lie to dodge once again the consequences of their crimes against our government and its people.

We are truly in a time of political horror that can’t end soon enough for the political health of the republic and its people.

As a nation, we must demand all hands on deck to end this nightmare from which we struggle to awake.

Impeach by Halloween.

Convict by Christmas, throw him out of office and begin the criminal trials as soon as logistically possible.

Any elected representative allied with Trump is the true enemy of the people.

The time to act is now.

1 thought on “The Political Horror

  1. Connie Nelson Ahlberg

    I always appreciate your words, your clarity on a topic! You keep me going. / There is less of a disconnect re The Hero of 9/11, when one focuses
    on 9/11 as a demolition. Planned years in advance, as a false-flag attack on our country—Giuliani was no hero as he had to have known about it. There—that’s a fit. (So Many anomalies—like building #7. Plus 1000 more.) see Rebekah Roth, an airline professional. O

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