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A Tea Toast to the Vets

Denise Berg, the owner of Lovettsville’s ‘Painted Pig,’ with the tea that helps vets

Denise Berg, the owner of Lovettsville’s ‘Painted Pig,’ with the tea that helps vets

Lovettsville’s Peter and Sarah Roussos are nationally recognized and trained Tea specialists.

Sarah was a contributing business and trend columnist for Tea Room Magazine where she got to meet and interview tea cognoscenti and celebrities including top chefs.

“This was a great help,” Sarah said, “so I could understand what made the difference.”

Legend has it that tea drinking started with the Chinese Emperor, Shan Nong, in 2737 BC.

When boiling his drinking water, as was the Emperor’s custom, tea leaves fell into his boiling water, resulting in a pleasing aroma, and the resulting brew the Emperor found refreshing and energizing.

This historic leaf has recently become a means to ease the troubled way of the retired warrior, of our veterans.  But this takes more than the tea.  It takes some TLC and business sense. Continue reading

The War Continues

Paul Muth, Vietnam Vet

Paul Muth, Vietnam Vet

Brunswick’s Paul Muth was a medic assigned to Anloc in ‘Nam.

An Lộc is in Bình Phước Province in South Vietnam, about 72 miles north of Saigon.

Paul left the service in ’74 and thus not before the North Vietnamese offensive in ’72, when 100s of the North Vietnamese, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, outnumbering Paul’s Division, overran their position along Highway 13.

There was hand-to-hand fighting and Paul only lived by pulling a dead body on top of himself in a trench, hidden from the enemy’s advance by this fleshy cloak of death.

When the Viet Cong attack was successfully halted and pushed back, Paul was saved by the airborne; they pulled Paul from beneath his brother-in-arm’s lifeless body.

Paul’s war nevertheless continues. Continue reading