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Utterly unappealing

mud-slinging campaigns

mud-slinging campaigns

This last political campaign, as conducted by all political parties, was in utter negation of what might have been inspiring, in utter negation of what might have been civil, and in utter negation of what might have been truthful and accurate.

Let’s take stock of what we’ve just endured and discourage the anticipated reoccurrence of this utterly unappealing campaign misconduct.

For starters, it should be at least a misdemeanor for campaigns to lie in the fundraising material that floods and overruns our digital and snail mail boxes.

If there really is someone who will double or triple my contribution, then go bother him for whatever you need.

For days after my final political contribution of this past election cycle, I was solicited by the same candidate for having not contributed.

Other voters received urgent admonitions about failing to vote in a previous election, and given stern school-marmish directives – “Not to let that happen again!” – when those instructing voters often got their facts dead wrong.

We’re numb to candidates being uncivil to each other.  But now those who want our support say whatever it takes to get our money.

My central complaint, however, is that not only did we have a dismal set of wannabe nominees across the nation in both parties, judging by their arguments, but also that no one addressed the most significant argument to be considered throughout this dismal election cycle – How exactly are we going to make these partisans, and the conflicting branches of government, and the objecting states, roll up their sleeves and work together after the election? Continue reading

Relentless fundraising spam


I’m so fed up with countless Dem fundraising emails asking for money to fund a non-existent impeachment fight – especially given that the U.S. House Judiciary Chairman, Bob Goodlatte, who heads the House Committee that would have to pass on any impeachment resolution, said there is none under consideration nor contemplated; in agreement, we have House Speaker John Boehner who heads the Republican Caucus saying the same thing.

Yet we folk who have been identified as partisans (or even possible contributors) are receiving gigabytes of sky-is-falling e-alerts that, we’re told, just have to be answered immediately to fund the defense of the impeachment that never was or will be, concluding with the imperative direction – you’d better “donate” and “now.”

I’m no less angry at the Rs for the BS law suit against the President they’re pushing that has no legal legs, prosecuted with faux outrage at the discretion they’ve so recently “discovered” the President has to execute the laws of the land. 

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