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AG Ken Cuccinelli – “Ah yes, I remember it well!”

In the grand classical musical, “Gigi,” Maurice Chevalier as Honore sings to Hermione Gingold as Mamita.

Maurice starts, “We met at nine,” Hermione corrects, “we met at eight.”

Maurice again, “I was on time;” Hermione, “you were late.”

Maurice’s finishes, “Ah yes, I remember it well.”

Our Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, could sing a duet, a kind of odd coupling, with Jonnie Williams, the Star Scientific CEO.

Ken might start, “we were at the beach,” and Jonnie, “we were in New York.”

Ken, “We’ve no ethical breach;” Jonnie, “Are you a dork?”

Ken, “Ah yes, I remember it well.” Continue reading

Honey, Who Bought the Rolex?

Image courtesy of tumbler (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lq5wccNpkQ1qlv6exo1_500.jpg)

Imagine that you’re Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and your First Lady, Maureen McDonnell, comes skipping into the State Mansion’s Main dining room to present you with a spanking new $6,500.00 Rolex watch.

“Hey Honey, pass the butter,” Bob may have said, “and, by the way, can we afford this Rolex?”

“Oh, this little thing,” Maureen may have said, “I admired the one that Jonnie Williams, Jr. wore.  Isn’t it so world leader-ish?  You really should have one.  Everyone will notice.”

“Yes, but how did we pay for it?” You’d imagine the Governor would ask that; any other spouse would, even with a public salary of $175,000.

“Why, silly, it’s Jonnie of course.  Jonnie paid for it.  We have no money for a Rolex.  Our finances are abysmal.  And Jonnie has already bought me some terrific clothes.  You should have something for yourself.” Continue reading