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Having a woman deliver a lie doesn’t magically make it true

republicansinyourvaginaLast night the “official” Republican response to the State of the Union address was delivered by Washington representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who didn’t engage in any distracting large motor activities.

Rodgers made the encouraging assertion that the current Republican Party “trusts people to make their own decisions, not a government that decides for you,” and then a bit later that “Republicans believe health care choices should be yours, not the government’s. And that whether you’re a boy with Down syndrome or a woman with breast cancer … you can find coverage and a doctor who will treat you.”

But obviously that is not at all what Republicans believe, as earlier in the day nearly all of them had voted to prevent women from choosing to access abortion care, and they regularly endorse efforts that would allow health care providers, in the guise of “religious freedom,” to refuse to treat people on the basis of their personal beliefs about those people. Most notably this “freedom” to selectively do one’s job has involved pharmacists who don’t believe that people should use birth control, but it can just as easily be invoked to refuse all kinds of medical care to all kinds of people, care like hormone replacement therapy, fertility and prenatal care, and cancer treatment.

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Mark Herring Stands With Veterans

Mark Herring does so much for us here in Loudoun from the Virginia Senate that many of his accomplishments for the wider commonwealth get under-reported and under-appreciated here in his home county. Given some of the things in the news, I thought it might be nice to post something positive for a change, and Sen. Herring’s service to Virginia’s veterans seemed an obvious choice.

Virginia Guard recognizes top units, receives resolutions from General Assembly

Sen. Herring Awarding the Virginia National Guard a Commendation Resolution.

For example, Sen. Herring is the Co-Chair of the Virginia National Guard Caucus in the General Assembly, and has been instrumental in making financial help for veterans easier to provide. During the 2010 Session, Senator Herring sponsored and passed legislation that exempts payments to individuals from the Virginia Military Family Relief Fund from state income tax.

He has stood up for the rights of our veterans and their families. In 2008, he sponsored and passed the Virginia Military Parents Equal Protection Act, which protects military parents from losing important child custody and visitation rights as a result of their deployment out of the Commonwealth. And in 2011, he sponsored and passed a bill to enhance the Military Parents Equal Protection Act by allowing deployed military parents to delegate their visitation rights with children to a member of their family while they are stationed overseas. Indeed, Sen. Herring supports the service of all military families.

Now those are Virginia family values.
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Post-primary postmodernism

Wherein a few loose ends are explored.
(Updated to clarify meaning of terms.)

1. The GOP has a bigotry problem. Those who are genuinely trying to combat it have my sympathy, if not my confidence. A commenter at TC who goes by Muslim Conservative has been patiently doing a lot of heavy lifting in that regard, and has managed to dislodge some damaging admissions, to wit: Former Republican candidate for Sheriff Greg Ahlemann has stated once again that he categorically does not “vote for or support candidates who support or practice Islam.” He also stated that he would never vote for or support “a homosexual.”

That statement might surprise those who read my interview with him on Equality Loudoun back in 2007, in which he talked about Muslim friends and gay friends in a way clearly intended to dispel the rumor that he harbors bigotry. What might also surprise you is that his views haven’t changed since then, and that he doesn’t see any contradiction. He genuinely believes, I think, that these statements do not constitute bigotry, and he is not alone in this view.

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News and notes

  • I hope you all can join Tom Greeson and the Dulles Area Democrats for this reception benefitting Shawn Mitchell.

    Shawn’s running in the 13th state Senate District and we all know that Republican Dick Black is trying to get the Republican nomination to oppose Shawn. We need to come together and work to ensure Shawn is well-funded for what might be a very interesting and closely targeted race.

    Here’s the facebook invitation again!

  • Lots of candidates are putting out the call for volunteers for back-to-school night.
  • Don’t forget that there is a list of campaign websites for every declared candidate who will be on a ballot in Loudoun over at DBQ. If you know of one I’m missing, please let me know.

Dems I have a great feeling about this year

Mark Herring. Raised nearly $100,000 since January. Has $150,000 on hand. Smart, popular, and effective.

Mike Kondratick. Raised over $15,000 since January. He has nearly twice that on hand. I just met his campaign manager, and she is on the ball and ready to roll.

David Butler. Experienced elected official, has already raised over $8000  raised over $11000 in the last report and has over $22,000 on hand [thanks for the update Dave!]. I haven’t met his primary opponent, Jim Magner, and he’s too new to have filed a report.

Jennifer Wexton. She raised over $9000, and is off to a great start. Her resume and her attitude will help us be rid of the embarrassment that is Jim Plowman.

Valdis Ronis. Raised nearly $7000 over $12,000 [I was looking at Cash On Hand]. Planning Commissioner. Architect. Well-known and well-liked.

Al Nevarez. Raised OVER $7,000. I just met his campaign manager, and I think that this is the team to beat Delgaudio. Also, he did very well in last night’s debate with Dan Lloyd and Barry Aliriza.

Speaking of Dan Lloyd, I thought he also did well, and any of the three of them would be a better choice than Delgaudio.

And I haven’t even touched on Malcolm Baldwin or Kelly Burk.

So the Dems have a pretty exciting line-up this year. I’m looking forward to walking for most of these good folks this season.

HOD and Senate seats for Loudoun

Holy guacamole, those HOD and Senate maps make Loudoun’s redistricting look rational.

Here’s what we’ve got:

4 Senate Seats

  • A bit of a district that runs all the way from Arlington into Sugarland Run. Long and narrow, runs along the Potomac. That’s one that’s probably going to have a heavy primary.
  • Blue Ridge, and some of Ashburn, including my old house in the Broadlands, are in a district that reaches into Fauquier and Prince William Counties and stretches down as far as Warrenton. That there is Colgan and Marshall country. I’m guessing it’ll be pretty red.
  • Herring’s district is an L with one line stretching from Leesburg, along the Potomac into Sterling and then down into Herndon below Rte. 50.
  • I can’t even believe the last one. It’s a check mark that includes most of Catoctin, gets every thing to West Virginia and then slides down under the district that includes the Broadlands. It is a mess.

6, possibly 7 HOD Seats

  • Rust’s district no longer includes Oak Grove, Buchanan, or the other couple of precincts he lost in Loudoun.
  • Lemunyon keeps Little River.
  • Greason’s district shrank a bit.
  • May’s district moved farther West, and lost most of Leesburg.
  • Leesburg is now in an open district.
  • Mike Kondradick is in an open district…including some of the precincts Rust gave up.
  • And it looks like there’s a little tongue of a Fairfax district up in Sugarland Run.

All-in-all, it’s…impressive.

A Pledge from the Doorbell Queen

Starting with this cycle, and continuing until I say otherwise, I will not endorse any candidate for any office unless I personally put some shoe leather into the game for that candidate.

No walking? No talking.

If you see me endorsing a candidate here, it will mean I put some sweat equity into their campaign.

I may expand this to candidates I donate trackable money to.