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Links for Monday, April 30 (what I’ve read since my last links post)

These come from my twitter, face book, and blog roll feeds.

Reproductive rights (and War on Women generally):

Agriculture (and food generally):

Politics and Elections:

Parenting and School:

Media (and books, but only slightly):






And Locally:

And last but not least, I’m going to give a reverse shout out to Loudoun.gov. Their new website is atrocious. One would think clicking on Community Services on the menu would take one to the Loudoun Community Services Board page, but it doesn’t. And there is no link that specifically says “Developmental Services”. The CSB page header says, “Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Dev. Services”. How is that helpful for people looking for services for their mentally challenged family members? Somebody in the Loudoun government, please fix that mess.