HOD and Senate seats for Loudoun

Holy guacamole, those HOD and Senate maps make Loudoun’s redistricting look rational.

Here’s what we’ve got:

4 Senate Seats

  • A bit of a district that runs all the way from Arlington into Sugarland Run. Long and narrow, runs along the Potomac. That’s one that’s probably going to have a heavy primary.
  • Blue Ridge, and some of Ashburn, including my old house in the Broadlands, are in a district that reaches into Fauquier and Prince William Counties and stretches down as far as Warrenton. That there is Colgan and Marshall country. I’m guessing it’ll be pretty red.
  • Herring’s district is an L with one line stretching from Leesburg, along the Potomac into Sterling and then down into Herndon below Rte. 50.
  • I can’t even believe the last one. It’s a check mark that includes most of Catoctin, gets every thing to West Virginia and then slides down under the district that includes the Broadlands. It is a mess.

6, possibly 7 HOD Seats

  • Rust’s district no longer includes Oak Grove, Buchanan, or the other couple of precincts he lost in Loudoun.
  • Lemunyon keeps Little River.
  • Greason’s district shrank a bit.
  • May’s district moved farther West, and lost most of Leesburg.
  • Leesburg is now in an open district.
  • Mike Kondradick is in an open district…including some of the precincts Rust gave up.
  • And it looks like there’s a little tongue of a Fairfax district up in Sugarland Run.

All-in-all, it’s…impressive.

11 thoughts on “HOD and Senate seats for Loudoun

  1. Epluribusunum

    Yes, the last one – it is breathtaking. I keep going back, just to marvel at it. I really must get to know my new co-community-of-interest in Remington. I’m sure they are very nice.

  2. Barbara Munsey

    So guys, can I opine that you are feeling on a larger scale what lots of people were expressing about the magisterial map adopted?

    Tee hee

    Looks like I am in that lovely Senate 22. Just can’t wait to see who starts filling my mailbox, and with what. Sigh.

  3. Ashdowner

    So….since Stevens won’t run against Herring — will he re-consider running for supervisor in the “Amoeba” district? ;-)

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