Federal court overturns Prop 8

This (originally posted 08-4-10) is the funniest damn juxtaposition I have seen in a long time.

From closing arguments by Ted Olson, for equality:

The Supreme Court has said that marriage is the most important relation in life. Now that’s being withheld from the plaintiffs. Marriage, the Supreme Court has said again and again, is a component of liberty, privacy, spirituality and autonomy.

From closing arguments by Charles Cooper, against equality:

Marriage is to channel the sexual behavior between men and women into a procreative union.

One thought on “Federal court overturns Prop 8

  1. Epluribusunum Post author

    What was probably the final hearing on Prop 8 before the 9th Circuit ruling took place yesterday. Live blog here; it sounds like the pro-discrimination side ended up arguing that of course Judge Walker must have been biased, because what gay person in a committed relationship wouldn’t want to get married, because it’s something valuable being withheld from them…hey, wait.

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