Dave LaRock for Delegate

The Tax Pig's Admission

We beg your pardon, Virginia.

Anytime you find someone in the middle,
Anytime you find someone who is tepid,
Anytime you find someone who is lukewarm,
Anytime you find someone who has been in Congress for 25 years and no one ever heard of him,
You’ve got Oatmeal Man
Oatmeal Man, straddling uncomfortably, yards and feet of barbed wire
It’s hard to live in the middle all the time

Oatmeal Man, the man who said you could fit all of his black friends in the trunk of his car and still have room for the Republican elephant
Oatmeal Man
— Gil Scott-Heron

If you live in Virginia’s 33rd House District, tomorrow’s Republican primary is the most important political opportunity in recent history. There is only one clear choice. Vote for Dave LaRock. It’s him, or “Oatmeal Man,” Sons of Confederate Veterans, real-conservative, 199% pro-life Joe May.

This may sound counter-intuitive. It’s higher political reasoning, proof by induction. Here are the reasons. Please meditate on them, quickly, and then run to the polls tomorrow morning.


Here’s why:

  1. Dave LaRock is CERTIFIED batshit crazy. He takes the law into his own hands. He disrespects and cheats his employees. He collaborates with Eugene Delgaudio to disparage constituents. He builds the most hideous McMansions. His supporters are old LaRouchies. He’s obsessed with other peoples genitals and what they do in the bathroom. He’s Plato’s perfect paradigm of vulgar “crotch” politics incarnate. We need him to represent the people of the 33rd like we need Eugene to represent “Dear Sterling Americans,” and Dick Black to represent the 13th. LaRock is too compulsive to contain himself. If he wins this year, he’ll embarrass himself and his party and won’t be able to maintain his seat. He’ll end up another Michele Bachmann.
  2. We MUST put a stop to the uber-conservative flaunting. The people aren’t impressed. It has to end, and there is no way to end it other than to break it. If we throw the primary to LaRock, then May and others will get the message that if they swing too far right, they go over the edge. They might as well *be* their opponent. LaRock is vulnerable. May is invincible (do we like oatmeal that much?). If LaRock wins the primary, maybe more than a few disgusted Republicans and Independents will work hard to insure that he doesn’t win the general.
  3. We NEED the transparency. Dave LaRock’s campaign will energize fellow crazies. They’ll donate money, hold events, write letters, ask for favors, brag and boast. His candidacy provides a tremendous opportunity to discover his friends. He also seems to have many, many enemies. They may go public.

Farm pig takes a bite out of the FreedomWorks TEA-Party funded fundy

9 thoughts on “Dave LaRock for Delegate

  1. Dawn

    Dave LaRock is a known “nut” around our town of Purcellville, Va. From a personal experience with him as a builder, I found him to be an intimidating bully, almost to the point of being a scary stalker. Anyone who votes for this man should have their head examined!!! In the building industry, he scares and intimidates people out of their hard earned cash to pad his pockets…this man disgusts me!!! I know of a women who saved her money for years to buy a home just to have Dave LaRock intimidate her into handing over all of her 5K savings to him based on his stalking tactics. In addition, his fanaticism is extreme and scary with all of his beliefs. He’s a real loose cannon!!! Beware!!!

  2. Barbara Munsey

    Hillsboro, all good points, but watching the crowing today (RINO scum, we’re coming for you, let this be a warning, your turn next, and other good principled threats), voter suppression is a big part of the mix, as always in Loudoun.

    Some who were called Nazi etc during the primary may end up undervotes on the ballots this fall instead of (again) being told to shut up and obey (RINO scum!).

    Maybe the principles crowd will drive it a bit too low, but given the number of Low Info voters on both sides, it will indeed be interesting.


  3. Hillsboro

    >> Maybe this time around will get a LaRock victory in the primary and a Kathee Myers victory in the general.

    Good luck with that.

    Let’s see…
    – the 33rd has been redistricted west, creating a far more conservative district …
    – her only hope is in the easternmost precincts of the 33rd, here in Loudoun …
    – where she’ll desperately need the support of the LCDC …
    – which is too busy imploding over the Liz Miller nomination to offer much of anything …
    – not even help building a website or a facebook page (that can be found) …
    – a mere 18 weeks out …
    – from an off-year election which always gets a pitiful D turnout.

    I’m not just trying to be an ass… if you guys could manage to field a viable candidate with somewhat moderate views, I’d support him or her in a heartbeat over LaRock.

  4. Pariahdog

    If I had enough influence to actually help Dick Black’s election, he wouldn’t have won the general. Maybe this time around will get a LaRock victory in the primary and a Kathee Myers victory in the general.

  5. Hillsboro

    In pseudo-psychology it’s known as perpetual victim complex. Thusly, the syndrome sustains itself.

  6. Barbara Munsey

    That would seem to be the same attitude as those backing LaRock–if the district ends up with a Democrat, then see! everyone SHOULD have obeyed the Tax Pig! (and then the core of true believers can sit on the sidelines and keep *****ing)

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