LaRock Wins! It’s a Landslide!

The votes are in. Dave LaRock defeats May 57% to 43%. The  Republican establishment loses. The Christianist fringe wins. The turnout was pathetic, 5158 Republican votes.

Twenty-two hundred people voted for May. He probably spent $100K in mailers. That’s $45 per voter, and he lost. It’s not the money. It’s something else.

What is it?

What are we going to do about it?

3 thoughts on “LaRock Wins! It’s a Landslide!

  1. Pariahdog Post author

    EB, Unfortunately, the Dems don’t know how to do that. It’s up to Kathee Myers, the candidate.

    Travis, “The Left?” What’s that? In this race, it’s 3000 hard-core christianists and a handful of LaRouchies versus the ordinary people of the District.

  2. Elder Berry

    The loonies do turn out their base, viz Eugene.

    Dems better figure out how to do that too. Dems need to cover the district with LaRock’s lunacies, and keep it covered. Backyard issues, and fear. That’ll do it.

  3. TravisW

    Well, according to VPAP there are now three candidates running in this race. I’m guessing the Left that actually shows up will split its vote and LaRock wins by default.

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