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What I’ve been reading since my last post about what I’ve been reading

These are from my Twitter and Facebook feeds and from folks on my blogroll at my blog.

Speaking of being a woman geek, I can’t get enough of OK Go. It helps that I think that one of the members of the band bears an uncanny resemblance to The World’s Best Campaign Manager, Bar None.

A reminder, a rumor, the RPV, and a round (reposted from Doorbellqueen.com)

A reminder that you’ve got limited time if you want to be a voting member of the LCDC. I don’t really understand why they have the deadline, but there you go.

A commenter on Too Conservative said that Bob Moses is running for Chair along with Evan MacBeth. So at least there’s a choice? If you’re interested in voting?

Personally, I think not allowing on-site registration is a mistake, but it ain’t my party.

The RPV seems to be making their own errors, but at least I can laugh at those.

Last but not least, here’s a little something to lighten the mood:

Pop and Politics

The clearing of Zuccotti Park in NYC, the violence against the peaceful protesters on the Berkeley campus in California, and the violence against the protesters in Oakland have made me think of this song:

Banks of Marble by the Weavers

Veteran’s Day

Remembrance Day.
Armistice Day.

Thinking of the men and women who have served, and those who are serving.

May all who are serving now come home safe.