Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t tell

I sent the folowing to DEMOCRATIC Senator Jimm  Webb tonight and hope that all of you reading this blog send a similar message to him.  I served for 20 years in the Army and also spent 15 as a Departemnt of the Army civilian.  I am sure that in these 35 years I served with gays and lesbians. There were never any problems. Also other countries allow gays to serve openly so why can’t we???

Sir,I supported you and met you in Sterling VA once. We spoke about Vietnam.  I just watched Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and she said that tomorrow you were going to vote with the Republicans to block the Defense Authorization bill because of the  amendment to the bill  to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”(DADT).  If this is true I am disappointed.  I was an Army major in Vietnam in 1970 and was the Army’s Casualty reporting officer in Long Binh (USARV). I am sure that some of the names that I reported to the Pentagon were the names of gay soldiers.  They have served honorably and were willing to die for their country so why not let them serve openly? Many former high ranking officers including General Shalikashvili are in favor of repealinig this law.  Our Commander-In-Chief, The Secretary of Defense and the chairman of the JCS both support the repeal of DADT.  Please join them and vote for the Defense Authoriaztion Bill and the repeal of DADT.


Anthony V. Fasolo

LTC, USA (ret)

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