A Trend Of Intolerance

We are now eight days from Election Day, and the masks are coming off. The true face of the Loudoun Republican Party and it’s candidates is being shown, and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright violent.

Disagree? Then explain the images that Loudoun’s Republican establishment have been circulating to “drum up” support in these waning days.

Item One:

And Item Two:

It really is as simple as the pictures above. There is an organization in Loudoun County whose leaders and candidates believe that images condoning violence towards elected leaders and entire segments of the population is an acceptable, even funny, way to make their case to the voters. And there is an organization whose leaders and candidates believe that true leadership is about uniting, not dividing, our Loudoun Community.

On November 8th, vote Democratic. At some point, we must no longer be silent. We must no longer tolerate hate, bigotry and casual dehumanization as an “odd quirk” of our political establishment. Staying home simply empowers those who spread hate. On November 8, stand up and be among those who say “No more! Loudoun County will no longer be home to this hate!”

6 thoughts on “A Trend Of Intolerance

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  3. Epluribusunum

    From NBC Washington:

    “There was no reply from Sell to a follow-up email seeking an alternative explanation for the nickel-sized hole in Obama’s forehead.”

    :: sound of crickets ::

  4. Epluribusunum

    Things often fail to make sense when someone is trying to get away with lying. The “apology” makes it so much worse. They could have maybe blamed this one – although not Delgaudio’s “blood door” – on a poorly supervised volunteer, but not now. The highest level of leadership thought this was “light-hearted.”

  5. Zachary Pruckowski

    I just really want to know how someone gets turned into a zombie missing half it’s head non-violently. Forget “pitiful non-apology”, it just doesn’t make sense.

  6. Epluribusunum

    The response from Mark Sell is one of the most pitiful non-apology apologies I have ever seen:

    The Loudoun County Republican Committee yesterday sent an email to its members that represented a light-hearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday. Apparently, some individuals have interpreted an image of Barack Obama that appeared within the email as intending to portray the President as a victim of a violent crime. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we deeply and sincerely apologize to the President and anyone who viewed the image if that was the impression that was left. The LCRC deplores any effort to display, suggest or promote violence against the President or any other political figure.

    As LI said when he posted it, it really isn’t a bullet hole in his forehead, we just all happened to interpret it that way!

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