“Sprawl Is The American Dream”

With all the crazy coming out of Loudoun Republicans lately, its easy to forget that underneath that hard shell of cultural divisiveness is a sugary nougat of truly awful policies.

Take, for example, a race that has flown under the proverbial radar this year. The race for Algonkian Supervisor, which sets long-time community resident and activist (and personal friend, in the interests of full disclosure) Denise Moore Pierce against long-time conservative gadfly Suzanne Volpe. Here’s a race that can, and should turn truly on policy grounds, because there is a clear difference between the candidates, and a clear choice to be made.

Specifically, Ms. Volpe, who is running to represent a “mature” community in Loudoun, one with established neighborhoods, schools, traditions and families, is an advocate – and an unabashed one – for sprawl. Indeed, she gave a speech calling development sprawl the American Dream. A stark statement for a stark choice.

I understand that Loudoun needs some things to be developed and built, and indeed doing so in the right way – in a managed way – can be beneficial to our community. Denise also knows this. She’s spent a long time in Loudoun working with her neighbors to ensure the quality of life in Cascades, Sterling, Potomac, Sugarland Run and the rest of the area that is now the Algonkian district. Denise knows that there is a right (in the sense of “correct” and “best”) way to do this. She’s been fighting for that throughout her career in Loudoun, as a teacher and community leader. Indeed, the current Board of Supervisors has often taken a much more managed and considered approach in reviewing, negotiating – and yes even approving – development applications. (Thanks in part to the leadership of Supervisor Kelly Burk on the Transportation and Land Use Committee.)

Ms. Volpe’s candidacy represents a swing back to a Board that approves development today and lets future Boards (and citizens) carry the cost of those approvals. And that is just one of the many policy differences between Ms. Moore Pierce and Ms. Volpe.

On November 8th, the voters of Algonkian District will help decide what direction Loudoun will take for the next 4 years. You cannot afford to sit out this election. Take a stand for governing Loudoun well. Vote for Denise!