Empty Apologies from Virginia Republicans

The media, and indeed many Democrats were quick to commend the Republican Party of Virginia yesterday for quickly and thoroughly denouncing the Loudoun Republicans’ zombie-Obama-headshot comic recruiting email. Indeed, many seem to think this is a sign of more civility in Virginia politics.

It’s not. It’s a whitewash. Plain and simple.

Because at the same time the Virginia Republican Party was issuing its very public apology and repudiation, it was dropping a last-minute $25,000 contribution in the coffers of the most odious Loudoun Republican, Dick “there’s no such thing as spousal rape” Black.

If the Republican Party truly believes these tactics are unacceptable, it will tell Dick Black to refund the amount of that contribution.

27 thoughts on “Empty Apologies from Virginia Republicans

  1. Epluribusunum

    I know. It would be if the comment actually did that, I think. In general, to say that a picture of someone reminds you of a movie, I don’t believe objectifies anyone.

  2. Barbara Munsey

    I liked it (the movie), and thought it gave a faithful treatment of the stark loneliness of the novella. Plus it was beautifully filmed in beautiful country.

  3. Barbara Munsey

    I was teasing a bit David, because the Brokeback reference was much milder than the blatant sexual stuff that had to be removed before, but consider: what if Jonathan were straight, and Donny were a woman named Donna: would it be okay to objectify her based on her appearance? Simply because they disagree, or to put her in her place? That arbiter of morals stuff is kind of like being Caesar’s wife, you know?

  4. Epluribusunum

    It must have been quite a disappointment to have won that fight. But Donny is valiantly moving on, trying to make it be the big campaign issue they were staking everything on anyway. Looks like an exposure of Donny/Eugene’s Montana-based front group is coming.

  5. Donny Ferguson

    It may be brought back at any time, which is why it is essential for all Board members, Republican, Democrat and independent, to fully oppose the Property Control Plan.

    That’s why I just launched the first round of thousands upon thousands of phone calls into Catoctin, letting people know Baldwin support the plan to regulate their farm or home, and that he not only just blocked the public from asking him questions through one of his websites, he also essentially told a young mother to shut up when he banned her from his Facebook page for simply asking if he was for or against it.

    [link removed by Liz, Moderatrix in Chief]

    Telling a young mother to essentially shut up, banning voters from contacting you and hiding your views from the public is a dumb thing to do five days before the election. I hope he changes his views and opposes any effort to bring back any portion of the Property Control Plan.

  6. Donny Ferguson

    There’s nothing wrong with being called gay. Every gay and lesbian person I know, outside of the Weintraubs, is a warm and wonderful friend. I do take offense at the “Brokeback Mountain” reference, however. That movie stunk.

    We have supporters across the country, including many in Loudoun. They don’t appreciate the Chesapeake Bay Property Control Plan, and they especially don’t like the fact Malcolm Baldwin just essentially told a young mother to shut up, erased his phone number from his websites and has now banned anyone from asking him questions on one of his campaign websites. http://www.americantradition.org/?p=2232

  7. Epluribusunum

    Liz, there isn’t anything here. It’s a somewhat humorous, to me at least, photo of Donny lookin’ all serious in a cowboy hat. There’s nothing remotely ‘sexual’ or insulting in the comment. If I thought otherwise I would have said something. Enough with this. Donny’s comment is spam and could have been removed.

  8. Barbara Munsey

    On one hand, I’m sure it is a compliment, because both actors in the movie are attractive, and did a great job with their characters in a well made movie from a great short story.

    On the other, Jonathan has a habit of baiting Donny with sexual references, sometimes far more graphic than this mild one, which has caused Liz on one occasion to remove the comments and place him in temporary moderation–after your previous fond command to “behave”, of which I was strangely reminded when you discussed your guineas in relation to stinkbugs, always with the appendage that they were “obnoxious”.

  9. Barbara Munsey

    Li-i-i-zzzz, Jonathan’s calling Donny gay again

    (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  10. Pariahdog


    Still waiting for the survey results. What good is a survey if you don’t publish the results?

    btw, I love you’re photo in the “gang green” fundraising letter. It reminded me of the classic movie “Brokeback Mountain”.

  11. Pariahdog


    Sure. Please paste all the responses you’ve received from the Republican candidates in comments below so that I can be sure that you are the real Donny Ferguson. Did you also survey House and Senate candidates?

  12. Donny Ferguson

    I need a big favor.

    The following candidates for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, all of them recipients of Gang Green cash and advocates of the Chesapeake Bay Property Control Plan to tax and regulate your home property and business, refuse to share their opinions on issues effecting Loudoun families, farmers and job creators.

    I need you to give them a call and ask them to return their American Tradition Partnership Candidate Issue Surveys in 100% support of farmers, job creators, property owners, taxpayers and families.

    You can find more info at my website at http://www.AmericanTradition.org or at Leesburg Today at http://www.leesburg2day.com/opinion/letters/article_906ea2ca-04a2-11e1-87f5-001cc4c03286.html

    BLUE RIDGE: Jim Burton, 703-327-4299
    BROAD RUN: Andrea McGimsey, 703-430-7024
    LEESBURG: Kelly Burk, 703-779-0035
    STERLING: Alfonso Nevarez, 703-531-7909
    CATOCTIN: Malcolm Baldwin, 540-822-4236
    ALGONKIAN: Denise Pierce, 703-450-4260
    DULLES: Larry Roeder, 703-867-2056
    ASHBURN: Valdis Ronis, 703-655-5333

  13. Paradox13 Post author

    Exactly. Dick Black should refund the amount of the in-kind contribution to the Republican Party of Virginia if the Republican Party of Virginia is truly sorry about the dehumanizing tactics in use by the local Party that nominated him.

  14. liz

    But if the mailer has already gone out, the in-kind has already occurred. Unless you mean Dick Black should give them actual money so as to pay for the mailer himself? Yes, that would work.

  15. Paradox13 Post author

    Yeah, in the long run, putting someone like Dick Black in office will do orders of magnitude more harm than a violent image email, and yet we’re all in a flutter over the latter, more than the $25K to enable the former.

  16. Epluribusunum

    Wow. I don’t know about images, but the words he chose to talk about other people when he was in office here were certainly offensive. I imagine readers can produce numerous illustrations of that. And the stories I’ve heard of both him and his volunteers being just plain ugly to people at the polls – it’s all various expressions of the same sentiment expressed in those images. Can you imagine Dick Black saying that these ugly communications are wrong, when he didn’t even want to say that eugenics in Virginia was wrong? What a bad move.

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