Evan Mantel’s Whistleblower Letter

Having worked for Dave LaRock’s 1789 Project, Evan Mantel, a recent graduate of Patrick Henry College, says he is now “cynical towards politics.”

I wonder if he’s also now cynical toward our local press. Mantel’s letter to the editor describing his unpleasant experience appeared in the Loudoun Times Mirror on May 2, and was removed on May 5. I’m still waiting to hear an explanation for the removal, but given other recent conduct by the LaRock campaign the application of pressure to the editor seems likely. If that turns out to be true, it’s very disappointing behavior from a candidate for public office.

Luckily, the original letter was saved in Google’s webcache. It reveals a pattern of self-indulgence, abuse, and theft of labor hours. See for yourself: The letter is reproduced here, just in case LaRock’s campaign to represent Virginia’s 33rd District is successful at bullying Google, too.

Supporting May in primary
Thursday, May. 2 | 0 comments

I am a recent graduate of Patrick Henry College and was one of five students involved in a group created by David Larock called the 1789 Project.

Mr. Larock founded the 1789 Project as a political action group with the mission of educating citizens about the Constitution. Mr. Larock recruited and offered to pay me and my classmates to work for the group. Getting paid to work in politics was a dream come true.

As we began working, Mr. Larock would be unnecessarily difficult to deal with.  He would constantly change the amount of blogging I was supposed to deal with, micromanage the content of said blogging, and twist the Constitution to fit his own agenda.

While suffering under Mr. Larock for one year on this project, I saw multiple friends and coworkers forced out by his arrogant and high-handed ways. In my 13 months thirteenth month of work, for which I always kept careful records of my hours, Mr. Larock simply refused to pay me. I sent multiple emails and talked with him on the phone at length about the contradictory orders he gave me and explained why I was working the hours that I did. He called me a liar and showed zero proof or logic in his accusations of me.

This was particularly damaging for me as a student who was really counting on the extra funds from my hard work to make it through the end of the school year.  My experience working for Mr. Larock left me quite cynical towards politics. I believed this man to be a leader and he deliberately manipulated me and my coworkers.

This experience speaks directly to the character of David Larock. This man encouraged me and my friends as young people to get involved in our communities and in politics only to ridicule and manipulate us for his own advantage. Having worked closely with him, I do not believe David Larock has the moral character necessary to represent anyone. I do not know Del. Joe May but I have read that he is a man of honor and integrity. I strongly urge everyone who lives in the 33rd District to support Delegate May in the Republican Primary to be held on June 11.

Evan Mantel



5 thoughts on “Evan Mantel’s Whistleblower Letter

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  2. Epluribusunum

    Very interesting. It seems that Mr. LaRock disliked the business sign of one of his neighbors so much that he trespassed and destroyed her property, landing himself in criminal court. Consistent with his other behavior that’s been documented on this site, he is the self-appointed police, judge and jury of other people’s conduct. More on this later.

  3. Paige Critchley

    I too am voting May after having an unpleasant run in with LaRock. See Loudoun County Court Records GC12003951-00. We don’t need people like him in office.
    Everyone needs to get out and vote in the primary election on June 11 – Vote May!

  4. Epluribusunum

    Evan, thank you for clarifying this. I’ve made the correction in the text. Have you heard anything from the Times-Mirror about why they removed your letter?

  5. Evan Mantel

    I would just like to clarify that there was a typo in this letter. It is only the THIRTEENTH month not all 13 months that he refused to pay me for. I am not stupid enough to work for 13 straight months without getting paid.

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