Breaking: Purcellville Mayor Bob Lazaro Endorses Mary Daniel

Mary Daniel, Democratic Candidate for Virginia’s 33rd House District, announced Purcellville Mayor Bob Lazaro’s endorsement today.

In endorsing Daniel, Mayor Lazaro stated: “I am pleased to express my full support for Mary Daniel as our next Delegate for the 33rd District. As a local government official herself, Mary understands firsthand how the relationship between state and local government is a partnership on such important issues as job creation, transportation, and protecting our quality of life and environment. Mary also knows the impact of state mandates on local governments, and will fight to ensure local taxpayers don’t foot the bill for Richmond’s regulations.”

“Mary has the integrity, temperament, and experience to serve the citizens of the 33rd District well. I urge my fellow citizens to vote for Mary Costello Daniel as our next Delegate.”

Her bid to succeed Joe May, who held the seat for the past 20 years, is looking ever more promising? Perhaps citizens have had enough and want to “Stop the Circus” (ht Leesburg Today for the exellent editorial). Perhaps Loudoun’s antics are merely a reflection of the Heritage Action saga. What do you think? Why are there growing splits in the Republican party?