Frank Wolf rebukes his own church on the House floor

Frank Wolf trains Eugene Delgaudio (Sterlingfest, 2006)

Frank Wolf trains Eugene Delgaudio (Sterlingfest, 2006)

Congressman Frank Wolf, “our human rights advocate” rebuked his own Presbyterian church on the House floor yesterday.

Calling himself a “follower of Jesus,” Wolf said he’s “deeply grieved by what transpired at last week’s gathering of the PCUSA’s general assembly.”

Speaking on the House floor Tuesday, Wolf said the vote violates the biblical definition of marriage as a joining of one man and one woman.

Is this what Congress is for, to engage in public, sectarian, anti-gay hissy-fits? Thanks for representing your constituents, not!


2 thoughts on “Frank Wolf rebukes his own church on the House floor

  1. Pariahdog Post author

    Thanks Travis, I looked at Congressman Wolf’s statement and his floor speech. What a misguided little man. Thanks for writing to him. If you’d like to publicize your letter and his response, I’d be happy to post both.

  2. TravisW

    I actually wrote Rep. Wolf this morning about this. It was the first time I really felt compelled to fire off an email at a politician because I generally excuse a great deal of inexcusable actions by assuming the fault really lies with a staffer or a volunteer. But after reading the full statement on his official website and watching the video of its delivery on the House floor I’m just angry. Even after waiting a few days before finally submitting my comments I’m still incensed. Frank Wolf, the individual, has every right to argue with his church about scripture but not as a U.S. Representative and certainly not from the floor of the U.S. House. I ended my letter with a request that he issue an apology for expressing his differences through his elected office.

    If you haven’t done so I do recommend reading Rep. Wolf’s full statement as well as the press release from the PCUSA announcing their decision.

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