Blog grab – the death of the once critical “Too Conservative”

It is a sad day for the Loudoun County blogosphere. The once critical blog “Too Conservative” has been seized by Loudoun’s radical right. Loudoun Insider, a much needed gadfly is taking a sabbatical. Sensing LI’s impending absence, an apologist for Eugene Delgaudio, a “team player,” has been hovering over TC like a vulture.

FOIA responses from Supervisor Delgaudio’s office reveal that his appreciation of “team players” is not without rewards. Delgaudio insures that they receive contracts, free advertising, and other plugs that provide the necessary finance and resource to conduct his business which now includes the seizure of abandoned blog properties.

Too Conservative hit moral rock bottom by politicizing the Sandy Hook gun massacre, a massacre of innocent children and adults by an obviously mentally ill individual who murdered his own mother, stole her guns and murdered twenty children with an assault weapon, riddling their little bodies with multiple lethal gun shot wounds. Absent from the heartless Too Conservative post is the word “gun.” There is talk of “evil acts” and wonderment “when God seems to look the other way,” but not a single word about guns.

Oddly, the author likes to talk about guns a lot which is not surprising in a county where the current and former LCRC Chairs are propagandists for the NRA. Too Conservative has turned to the dark side. You will see no more critical analysis of the LCRC. You’ll see no more exposure of local government corruption. You’ll find nothing of value. May it rest in peace.


24 thoughts on “Blog grab – the death of the once critical “Too Conservative”

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  2. David

    That goes for some of the non-anonymous ones as well, I think.

    Merry Christmas, LI! Also, a very happy Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday. Now, off to help eat a ham.

  3. Pariahdog Post author

    Thanks LI. Merry Christmas to you. I took a blog liaison myself. There ‘s nothing wrong with that. I really miss your insightful exposure, and I’m glad that you see the Assessor’s office meddling for what it is. I have an outstanding FOIA and some material I’ve received from friends. I’m going to publish more on the Assessor situation, including my response to Trevor’s article where he reports that the BoS “laughed” at the idea that there could possibly be corruption in the reorganization. I heard that the Assessor’s office staff is “scared to death.” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to them. If you know a good statistician, have him or her ping me. It’s going to be really difficult to identify the mischief, difficult, but possible.

    Please rest up and gather strength.

    p.s. I don’t pay any attention to anonymous rumors, except to note that they go to the character of the commenter who spreads them.

  4. Loudoun Insider

    I just wished everyone a Merry Christmas at TC, but I’ll reserve a hearty screw you for Suzy Q. What a moron. I’ve always been conservative, and most of all to me that means being honest and ethical and not a hypocrite. The LCRC is full of hypocrites who talk about how religious they are and break every moral code there is. I left the LCRC because of petty arrogant morons and the fact that we now have a BOS that is worse than any other I have seen. I know the trash story some have spread about me – it’s complete BS and has way more to do with that person’s pettiness at not getting certain contracts. Loudoun is more full of power hungry self centered assholes than any other place I’ve lived. There’s very little “conservative” about a 9-0 Republican BOS engaging in all sorts of insider wheeling and dealing like with the Assessor’s office, signing on to the Metro boondoggle, wasting money and inviting certain lawsuits with the ridiculous display policy, and making a mockery of ethics as with the Delgaudio scandal. You stupid party hacks can continue to call me a Democrat all you want. You’re nothing but imbeciles with no moral center. Merry Christmas to those who actually care about doing the right thing.

  5. Barbara Munsey

    “I prefer to talk about ideas and content to talking about people and what we imagine to be motivating them.”

    So, the reopening posts are simple use case scenaria, or venting? And this coming year will be the one where you and Jonathan stop attacking others by name (or innuendo in the case of Joe), attributing your own constructs to their thoughts or words (see “what we imagine to be motivating them”), and heartily damning them for same?

    One can hope.

    Happy Holidays to you David, and I hope Jonathan feels something on the happiness spectrum too this season.

    Again, one can hope.

    It’s a policy now, I hear 😀

  6. Epluribusunum

    To be honest, you both sound angry to me – but then it’s pretty well known that we’re not very good at accurately reading emotion in this medium. I prefer to talk about ideas and content to talking about people and what we imagine to be motivating them.

  7. Suzie Q.

    Why is Lloyd so angry? Is it a requirement for posters at TC? LI was always angry and now Lloyd is too. That’s a shame. All the name calling gets old, perhaps that’s why TC no longer draws the audience that it once did.

    I hope Christ enters Lloyd’s heart this season, and LI too, and softens them. It’s no fun to go through life so bitter and angry. It tends to drive away friends and family.

    Again, Merry Christmas too all and to all a goodnight!

  8. Suzie Q.

    Bitter old hag? Hahaha, sounds like you’re the bitter one Lloyd. I’m having fun, exposing your little friend for what he is. You and I both know the real reason why he split from LCRC and we both know it had nothing to do with his friend Randy Minchew but much to do with other ‘friends’. I can assure you, you have NO clue who I am, or what names I have posted under at YOUR little blog.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Epluribusunum

    Lloyd, I don’t consider you to be a propagandist. You just say what you think. We’re already quite familiar with Joe’s apologetics with regard to Mr. Delgaudio, and his avoidance of the fundamental moral question. It’s clever. I consider the Newtown post to be more of the same behavior.

    We’ll continue calling things as we see them, and discussing such wherever we choose.

  10. Lloyd the Idiot

    I hesitate to engage on this at all but here goes.

    First, if you’re going to bad mouth someone, have some guts and call them out by name. You’re referring to Joe Budzinski, an exemplary writer and blogger who is anything but the “radical right.” Have you ever looked over his work at the old Didn’t think so. Had you done so, you’d have seen he’s level-headed and far more reasoned and reasonable than any writer here.

    Second, moral rock bottom in Joe’s mention of the Sandy Hook incident? Obviously, you haven’t looked my own morally depraved ramblings. Mine have Joe beat by a mile! I hope you’ll correct that.

    Third, know who Suzy Q is. She’s a bitter old hag, desperate for attention and going by multiple pseudonyms because she’s been banned elsewhere – including TC.

    Fourth, give up the shameless plugs on the Loudoun Times Mirror. Talk about desperate for attention . . ..

    Finally, it’s a Republican blog to begin with, you moron. “Reactionary?” Why don’t you look that up in Webster’s and get back to us. If you’re disappointed by the lack of “progressive” blogs, why don’t you start one. Oh, wait, you have one. It’s just that no one cares.

  11. Pariahdog Post author

    Susie Q,

    Perhaps you know better than me. My assertions are based on the content of his exposure of the LCRC, GOP 10th CD and RPVA. If LI had been a member of the LCRC while he carried out public criticism of the organization, more power to them. I’d think that the criticism would have been considered a break in party loyalty. But if the LCRC accepted many influential Republican/Independent/Republican candidates, nothing stops them from allowing very public dissent from LI.

    Regardless of language, I appreciate LI’s forthright style and vigilant exposure of his own party. I hope he finds the fortitude to get back up on his horse to blog. If he does, please do me a favor and drop me a line. The blogosphere misses him.

  12. Suzie Q.

    Nope. The split with LCRC had absolutely nothing to do with growth and LI LOVED Minchew. Randy and LI were tight, for many years. Ask him if you don’t believe me.

    LI left LCRC after 2011, after he helped to elect Sheriff Chapman. LI was a member of LCRC right through 2011. I saw him at numerous meetings in 2010 and 2011. He was partying hard with the republicans on election night 2011 at the LCRC party when they elected 9 republicans to the board. Ask him. He’s in the pictures. What ‘growth’ happened in 2011? LI’s leaving LCRC had nothing to do with growth. Ask him. Not that he will tell you the real reason and no one cares anyway. They’re just glad he’s gone. No one wants a creepy guy like him in the party.

    Someone who hates republicans isn’t a democrat?

    Yes, his language is horrible, reminds me of the “tough guys” in middle school.

  13. Pariahdog Post author

    Thanks for the new information Suzie Q. The “Minchew 5” Republican majority from 2003 BoS past was all about growth, and the Western Loudoun Republicans and their phony grass tops organization, Citizens for Property Rights dismantled the County’s Comprehensive Plan so that they could “get theirs.” I wouldn’t be so sure that they are “against growth.” It depends on whether they profit from it or not, and that’s my point. There are no foundational conservative values at play. As you describe, “They got their’s, now slam that door shut.” Conservatives complain that liberals are all about “self gratification.” They claim that liberals are postmodernists, that they reinvent their morality and personal convictions to satisfy their “will to power.” All of those criticisms apparently apply to every republican you know.That’s why I wrote that Loudoun’s once conservative blogosphere has been seized by the radical right. They don’t exhibit conservative values, and never did, not since I moved here.

    I know nothing about LI’s personal relationships. I do know that his split with the LCRC was over growth. I also know that he is not a Democrat. Sometimes his language makes me cringe. On the other hand, sometimes, a well-placed cuss word is appropriate.

  14. Suzie Q.

    Every republican I know is against growth. Ask anyone in Western Loudoun. They all want to shut the door behind them. They got their’s, now slam that door shut.

    A mere 2 or 3 years ago, LI was a republican, even a member of LCRC, or so I’m told. His turn away from republicans to become a foul mouth democrat had nothing to do with land or growth. I hear it had everything to do with a personal relationship that went south for the middle aged crazy that he has become. As my grandma would say, good riddance to bad rubish!

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  16. Epluribusunum

    Sullivan has been sounding the alarm for some time about the direction the GOP is headed, and warned that if there isn’t a course correction it will end up in the same position as the Tories in GB, relegated to decades of irrelevance. Here in Loudoun we’ve seen a kind of precursor to that in microcosm; the moderates were driven out years ago, and the local party has only become more extreme and shallow (e.g SuzieQ with her odd notion of “foul language” as a measure of political affiliation, and thinking that the only problem with the GOP is that it still has perceived moderates in it). Loudoun Insider was one of those who saw the irrational direction it was headed in back then, and acted on principle. There’s a lot I disagree with him about, but I respect that. He provided an equal-opportunity BS check, irrespective of party or ideology. Without that, TC is as unoriginal and boring as Novatownhall (e.g., nothing but gratuitous drive-by comments like the one above from Dickinson)

    Actual conservatives (in the original, not corrupted, sense of the word) want nothing to do with this ideological zealotry, which is derived from fantastical religious “worldview” delusion more than any sort of political analysis. Ronald Reagan, as conservative as he was, would be mortified by this party. That’s because it’s become the opposite of conservative. Conservatives, the political meaning being from the same root as conservation, are reality-based. They don’t engage in magical thinking. Here are some of the comments from readers of the Sullivan piece posted yesterday, that should demonstrate the problem the GOP will be increasingly facing, especially after the execrable little sermon (“press conferences” take questions from the press) from the NRA. Understand that these commenters are Republicans, or people who were, but can’t avoid the conclusion that they no longer have a viable party:

    Nice piece, and all too true. But what it made me think is, none of this surprises me, because none of it is new. The right wing crazy we see now masquerading as “conservative” is simply the same old underbelly of right wing crazy I knew growing up in the flyover Midwest 50 years ago. The only difference now is that the inmates are in charge.

    I liken the current situation on the right to a boil coming to a head: unpleasant, but necessary. History will lance it, and with the infection cleaned out, we have some chance of healing enough to address the real issues we face.

    The really sad part is I cannot vote for my Republican congressman, someone I have known since we met in elementary school 47 years ago. He’s not a bad guy, I generally agree with him, he’s not a crazy and described as a low key member. I have called his office for services (passport snafu) for a friend and was treated well. But I cannot vote to maintain the Republican majority.

    Yes, it’s that bad. Whether what was the rank and file of the GOP can eventually coalesce into a rational alternative remains to be seen.

  17. Pariahdog Post author

    My position is not without allies. Michael in Norfolk quotes Andrew Sullivan and explains that today’s Republican party isn’t “conservative.” It is a metastacizing cancer with a “brain,” albeit an evil one, that is out to destroy America.

    The reactionary new TC is a cancerous organ that infects the Loudoun blogosphere. It isn’t just LI’s departure. Vince’s work for Ted Cruz is another example.

  18. Pariahdog Post author

    I think there are two points of confusion. Conservative and Republican are not the same thing. All Republican party loyalist aren’t necessarily conservative. Also, all Republicans aren’t necessarily corrupt, nor are all Democrats. All politicians are beholden to donors, and in that sense, all are corrupt.

    Loudoun has a specific history. There is huge development potential that required planning to protect consumers of new residential development from corruption that manifested itself as inadequate infrastructure, and isolation from community. That’s where LI split from the LCRC. With regard to that question, LI’s approach to development was/is “conservative.”

  19. Suzie Q.

    No, I do not think that TooConservative is a conservative blog but folks tell me that it once was, hence the name. I find it hard to believe that Loudoun Insider was ever a republican or a conservative, his language alone would tell us otherwise. He’s very rude and foul mouthed, but folks in Loudoun tell me that he was once a republican.

    I agree that some leaders, like Romney, McDonnell, and Bolling, are not true conservatives. It’s a shame that republicans have veered so far toward the middle and so far from conservative ideals and ideas.

  20. Epluribusunum

    Do you think it’s conservative, Suzie? Why? I wonder if you’re not using that word merely as a synonym for Republican – and there seem to more and more former Republicans these days as the party leadership veers further from mainstream thought. There used to be substantive and intelligent discussions at TC about the meaning of terms like “conservative” and “liberal,” amongst a readership that was vibrant and diverse, if right of center. I don’t see why Loudoun would need another echo chamber like Novatownhall, which is approximately half a dozen people congratulating each other on the extremity of their epistemic closure.

    So, if a boring circle-jerk is the direction TC has more or less permanently gone, it’s a loss to the Loudoun political blogosphere regardless of one’s political views.

  21. Suzie Q.

    Does it seem the least bit ironic that you are lamenting a blog named Too Conservative is becoming, well, conservative? Does it seem at all ironic that the former republican “Loudoun Insider”has left in a huff because after insulting every republican in Loudoun for years he is no longer an ‘insider’ in their circles and he’s mad as hell about it? It should be called ‘too ironic’ or ‘too funny’.

  22. David Dickinson

    “You’ll see no more exposure of local government corruption.” Don’t worry, sooner or later, a democrat is bound to win an election somewhere in Loudoun County. At which point, I’m sure there will be plenty of corruption to cover.

  23. Epluribusunum

    A stunning, unbelievable omission. The problem here is not limited to the unregulated commerce in guns designed for the singular purpose of efficient human slaughter, but we can leave that for another time.

    I can’t put it better than this commenter on the Daily Beast, responding to the president’s line from last night, “Are we prepared that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?”

    But freedom is not even what needs to be traded to win better control over gun safety. This is the way the gun lobby wants to frame it, in terms of freedom. But really it is merely the convenience and pleasure of gun hobbyists – not a glorious noble freedom – that is being preserved at the cost of these awful innocent deaths.

    Nobody complains that their automotive freedom is under threat, yet automobile owners tolerate a host of limitations in the power of their equipment, licensing, registration and insurance requirements, safety standards, and rules of the road when enjoying the freedom of personal transportation. In both cases we entrust adults to own and operate dangerous equipment, but only gun owners scream and howl at the tiniest burden of inconvenience for the sake of safety and aid to law enforcement investigators. It does not kill the freedom to own guns to ask owners to comply with standards for safety reasons. It only adds a little to the cost of that freedom. What we must ask is if that small cost is worth the lives of these innocent babes.

    There are not even words to describe – not even “morality’s gangrene” – the clever moral depravity of that post. Thank you for not linking to it.

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