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Relentless fundraising spam


I’m so fed up with countless Dem fundraising emails asking for money to fund a non-existent impeachment fight – especially given that the U.S. House Judiciary Chairman, Bob Goodlatte, who heads the House Committee that would have to pass on any impeachment resolution, said there is none under consideration nor contemplated; in agreement, we have House Speaker John Boehner who heads the Republican Caucus saying the same thing.

Yet we folk who have been identified as partisans (or even possible contributors) are receiving gigabytes of sky-is-falling e-alerts that, we’re told, just have to be answered immediately to fund the defense of the impeachment that never was or will be, concluding with the imperative direction – you’d better “donate” and “now.”

I’m no less angry at the Rs for the BS law suit against the President they’re pushing that has no legal legs, prosecuted with faux outrage at the discretion they’ve so recently “discovered” the President has to execute the laws of the land. 

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Whitbeck led reform commission to “save BILLIONS,” boasts Delgaudio

Eugene Delgaudio's lie-filled 12-11-13 email promoting John Whitbeck

Eugene Delgaudio’s lie-filled 12-11-13 email promoting John Whitbeck

John Whitbeck co-chaired the Loudoun County Government Reform Commission subcommittee responsible for studying fees for county services, privatization and outsourcing. His subcommittee targeted the vulnerable county workforce and the after school program that serves the county’s poorest children. Whitbeck’s subcommittee report was delivered four months late. It made no outsourcing recommendations, and its major “saving” recommendation was to double the fees on the already profitable CASA after school program.

In one of the most lie-filled emails of all time, Eugene Delgaudio’s 2013-12-11 campaign email boasted:

The largest and most comprehensive budget cutting program and money saving ideas ever presented to Loudoun since my own “Delgaudio’s 100 Million Dollar Tax Reducation [sic] Plan” was produced by Loudoun County Government Reform Commission.

The scale of the Reform ideas is gigantic and could save BILLIONS over the next decade if implemented.

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Prosecutor Punts on Delgaudio!

Supervisor Delgaudio pretending to be a criminal source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BWMgydjhOc

The Arlington County prosecutor, Theophani K. Stamos, looking into the gay-bashing Loudoun County Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, never invited the grand jury to vote on whether Mr. Delgaudio committed any crime.

She identified one crime, then said Mr. Delgaudio couldn’t commit it, and took the voting decision away from the grand jury.

Mr. Delgaudio’s counsel said afterwards that Delgaudio “cooperated fully.”  How is it then that the prosecutor never asked Mr. Delgaudio to testify before the Grand Jury “under oath?” Continue reading

The trouble with binary thinking, illustrated

This actually appeared on the Fox News website last month. See a problem?

It’s the same problem exhibited by commenter “Suzie Q” here:

Someone who hates [sic] republicans isn’t a democrat?

It’s tempting to just laugh at stuff like this (and I’m not saying you shouldn’t). But clearly, there are people who actually conduct their lives on the basis of this kind of “logic,” and some of them participate in our democratic process. Here’s the thought process that led to this howler, broken into its simple-minded steps:

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Let Tom talk

Tom Seeman and "S." Mann at the Feb 2011 "LEC" protest. Note: This image has been altered to obscure the back of "S." Mann's head at the request of "S." Mann." She has also requested that we only refer to her as "S." Mann, which we confess to finding hilarious.

I don’t know both sides of the story. I read a letter from LCRC activist Tom Seeman. He attended the July 12 LCDC meeting and reported that Evan MacBeth, chairman of the LCDC asked him to lead the “Pledge of Allegiance” and then booted him out of the meeting. Supposedly, MacBeth called an “executive session” and asked all “non-LCDC and non-Democrats” to leave. Tom was the only person to oblige.

Excuse me, but what’s a “non-Democrat?” Is there a genetic test, ideological test or litmus test? Is Tony Hall, the Democrat who co-authored an anti-gay call for “Christian” insurrection against teh ghay a Democrat? Is there a Democratic equivalent of a Rhino? If Evan did what Seeman says, I’d bet you a dollar that quite a few LCDC members did not approve of the action. Democrats have little political power against the all Republican BoS. Their most potent tool is exposure, and that requires transparency. If the Democrats are going to demand transparency, they’d better practice it, right?

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Land of the thick, home of the dim

Promoted by Epluribusunum.

Eugene Delgaudio - Eugenica's glorious leader

America was once called the land of the free, home of the brave, but we have been transported to Eugenica, Eugene Delgaudio’s America. In Eugenica, the citizens support Eugene and defend everything their glorious leader says or does. Eugenica is pure. Teh gays have not penetrated the worldview force field. The throbbing throngs of homosexuals have not entered the gates. The liberals have failed to shove their agendas down the throats of the Eugenicans.

Everybody wears a large Eugenican flag pin for identification, and they have a million supporters across the universe who send money when there is trouble, like when somebody from the outside world tries to “tell them what to think“.

The Eugenicans are a hard-working lot. They don’t need government for nothing because government can’t do anything right. They all carry guns and drive around in Eugenican-made trucks with “Border Patrol” bumper stickers to keep the riffraff out.

And when there is a threat or a disaster or a catastrophe, the one, singular, mighty member of the government who actually can do something right is called to the rescue. Here, the quintessential paragon of government excellence-in-action rises to the challenge, any challenge. For example, we have this on-the-scene report from uber-patriot David Dickinson. Continue reading

Waking up now?

This is absolutely dead on, and what we’ve been saying to those people trying to either dismiss or defend Mr. Delgaudio for years now. Rob Tisinai does more than just point it out, though; he walks us through it, in detail both hilarious and sad. Sad, because Mr. Delgaudio is a fraud, which means that someone is being duped. This brief analysis of his financial records demonstrates it. Thanks to Rob for posting the link in comments.

Put it together with Mr. Delgaudio’s open admission to a colleague that he really doesn’t care, personally, about the so-called “homosexual agenda,” and what do you have? Some folks I have to feel a great deal of pity for, among other things.

Delgaudio has the public’s eye right now, and he’s working it. This might be a good time for him to step back from his cries of persecution and tell his donors exactly what it is he does with their money — besides using it to ask them for more money.

But why? They’ve shown no interest in that information thus far. I think that he just may have compiled a list of the stupidest people in America. And anyone defending him here in Loudoun, whether for their own personal gain or for any other reason, is helping this sociopathic little man to prey on them.

The Sterling Report (for the rest of us)

I received my taxpayer funded campaign newsletter from Eugene Delgaudio.  

The newsletter should have been titled the “Sterling District Newsletter” not “The Delgaudio Report.”  Our tax dollars are for educating the community and not for generating political name recognition.  Delgaudio should not misappropriate tax dollars for the benefit of his re-election campaign.

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Pizza is a vegetable, really?

[promoted by Liz]

The house and Senate approved legislation that redefines pizza as a vegetable, and the President signed it.  You can see our Congressman’s vote on HR2112 here.  As you ponder this, please remember a few things.

  1. We’re talking about that cardboard crust pizza that is served in school lunches
  2. The rationale for the classification is that a slice of pizza contains three ounces of tomato paste
  3. A tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable
  4. Frank Wolf is a member of the House Appropriations Committee, the committee responsible for the original bill content

If you are as astounded as me, you should see what Kermit had to say on SNL, “what next are twizzlers and a a grape soda a ‘fruit salad'”?  if you have time, please send a note to Congressman Wolf thanking him for favoring agribusiness over the health and well being of school children.

It’s not personal

Students riot Nov. 9, 2011 in State College, PA. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

I think that must be what the rioting Penn State students and anyone else making excuses would say to the victims of child rapist Jerry Sandusky, if they felt the need to say anything to them at all. Sorry you were raped, but our team is winning national championships and that makes us feel good and we don’t want any interruptions. It’s not personal.

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